Medical Care and Treatment


HUYAMU is engaged in offering good, reliable and cheap medical services to the community. HUYAMU is running three Dispensaries, two in Musoma (Nyasho and Bweri) and another in Bunda. The Dispensaries provide medical treatment to 70-90 patients daily. In addition several laboratory investigations are offered.

Also VCT (Voluntary Counselling &; Testing) is part of the daily services. Around 400 tests are done each month by 4 full-time Counsellors in all the three dispensaries.


In order to reach remote areas with poor medical service, HUYAMU is running Mobile Clinics. Seven days each month, laboratory services, treatment and VCT are offered: 2 days in Majita area, 2 days in Kibara area, 2 days in Tarime area, one day Bukabwa. Between 80 and 120 patients are cared for per day at these clinics.


Since February 2011, Bweri Dispensary is caring for patients, Lab investgations are done, treatment offered, Mothe & Child clinic including Familiy Planning takes place, VCT and also CD 4 count is done - and since February 2016 CTC is in place.




Every Sunday Morning an eye-specialist from the Government-Hospital runs eye-clinics at the Bweri Dispensary.


Since November 2014 we are running another Dispensary on Ukerwe - the biggest island in theLake Victoria. It has been managed under the AICT Health Department - since November the Dispensary in run under the Diocese of Mara & Ukerewe. The station has been in a rather bad shape - but slowly patients started coming again, some renovations have been done - and about 20 - 25 patients are being treated in the dispensary, where a 24-hour-services is offered.

Also Mother & Child Clinic is established and delivery-services offered...

Dr Phinias Maiga, Clinial Officer i/c of Kazilankanda


Staff at the Musoma Dispensary


Treatment at a Mobile Clinic


Packing Supplies for the Mobile Clinic