Primary Health Care and Prevention

About 450 Church health workers in 27 Pastorates in Mara & Ukerewe Diocese have been trained as Health Care Workers in their villages.

The workers are doing house to house visits to communicate health issues. They teach people to prevent diseases through good nutrition and balanced diet, boiling drinking water, environmental sanitation (latrines and mosquito nets, etc.)., immunisation and behaviour change. They also visit the sick in the community including people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and encouraging the relatives in caring for them.

The TUMAINI Project

In 2006 the TUMANI Project was started in Bunda. Tumaini means ‘hope’ and the aim is bringing new hope for children: Healthcare workers in Bunda are caring for 90 MVCs (Most Vulnerable Children).

Besides psychosocial care through regular house visitations, also distribution of school uniforms, school supplies and regular medical care are part of the programme.

Also teaching of ‘traditional beds’ has been provided in order to help children to sleep on beds instead of sleeping on the muddy ground or on just a sack as mattress. Those who prepared such a bed received a mattress, sheets and mosquito net.

Small loans have been provided for those caregovers who already had a small income-generating project in order to help their projects grow and get more profit.

School Uniforms for those in Secondary School


Traditional Beds


Using a Traditional Bed

A TUMAINI Child with his new matrass