Building a New Ward in Musoma

Since February 2011 the new Dispensary in Musoma / Bweri is offering services.
The aim has been to be able to offer 24-hours-services for in and out-patients.
Due to limited space and due to government regulations, this aim could not be reached and therefore services are offered only during daytime....

In Septemter 2011 the official opening of the Dispensary took place – during a visit of the Primeminister of Tanzania.
Following the stated wish to be able to have a ward, he promised a contribution of 10 Million TSh (5.000 Euro) towards the construction of a ward.

In March 2012 the promise was fulfilled – the check came and the building of the ward started by construction of the foundation, which eventually consumed about 18 Million TSh.

The plan for the building includes a women´s, men´s and children´s ward, 4 private rooms and a whole wing for ante-natal, post-natal, deliveries, a theatre, a small laboratory etc. The aim is to be able to admitt 24 patients.

The costs for the whole building are estimated 300 Mill TSh – about 150.000 Euro.

The need for such a ward is easily seen, as Musoma has only one hospital and 2 Healthcenters which are not covering the needs of the population in and around Musoma.
By now - due to other contributions and the use of own recources - the building has reached the state of being roofed. The estimated costs for finishing are 30 Mill TSh (about 15.000 Euro)...
Contributions are more than welcome – aiming to enable the continuation of this building project.

The account for contributions is:
CRDB, Branch Musoma
Acc No: 01 J 20 62 171 500

In August 2015 blundering of the whole building has been done . with contributions from NSSF Musoma, Rotary Club Bremervörde and others. The picture shows the blundering in the children s ward.

The plan of the new ward:

women´s and children´s ward in the upper wing, men s ward and private rooms in the wing below, the wing on the left side is for deliveries, ante-natal, post-natal, theatre lanoratory etc

Official opening of the Dispensary in Bweri with the Primeminister Mizengo Pinda where he contributed 10 Million TSH towards the building of a ward